Faculty List, Schedule and Office Hours

This page contains virtual instruction schedules, office hours and contact information for teachers.

Virtual Instruction Schedule

Some teachers may elect to deliver instruction via a live virtual meeting, either using Google Meet or Zoom.  If so, those sessions will adhere to the schedule below.  Times are organized by subject, so students will not be meeting in more than one class at a time.

Please keep in mind that this schedule is reserved for live instructional sessions only.  Many teachers may elect to post documents or videos to introduce new information in lieu of live virtual sessions.  Students are encouraged to check Google Classroom regularly.

Core Classes will occur on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
Math 10:00-10:45
Science 11:00-11:45
English 12:30-1:15
History 1:30-2:15
PE, Electives, Music & Foreign Languages classes will occur on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
PE/Health 10:00-10:45
Electives 11:00-11:45
Foreign Language 12:30-1:15
Music 1:30-2:15

6th Grade Academic Teams

Blazing Blue

Subject Teacher Office Hours Email
English Beth Garrett 10:00-11:00 Contact Beth Garrett
Science Candice Fleming 10:00-11:00 Contact Candice Fleming
Math Megan Riley 9:00-10:00 Contact Megan Riley
Civics/Econ. Barbara Pye 9:00-10:00 Contact Barbara Pye
Resource Lindsey Kennedy 10:00-11:00 Contact Lindsey Kennedy
LEAD Scott Peterson 9:00-10:00 Contact Scott Peterson


Green Machine

Subject Teacher Office Hours Email
English Joanne Jimney 9:00-10:00 Contact Joanne Jimney
Science Jennifer Ragland 8:00-9:00 Contact Jennifer Ragland
Math Jenn Nestle 9:00-10:00 Contact Jennifer Nestle
Resource Amy Duvall 10:00-11:00 Contact Amy Duvall
Civics/Econ. All Team Teachers


Silver Spirit

Subject Teacher Office Hours Email
English Wanda Musgrove 11:00-12:00 Contact Wanda Musgrove
Science Liz Lowe 9:00-10:00 Contact Liz Lowe
Math Gail Robinson 9:00-10:00 Contact Gail Robinson
Civics/Econ. Tracy Carini 9:00-10:00 Contact Tracy Carini
Resource Casey Scherer 11:00-12:00 Contact Casey Scherer


7th Grade Academic Teams



Subject Teacher Office Hours Email
English Anissa Bowden 1:00-2:00 Contact Anissa Bowden
Science Yvonne Rogers 4:00-5:00 Contact Yvonne Rogers
Math Tasha Smith 8:00-9:00 Contact Tasha Smith
U.S. History I Hilda Roe 9:00-10:00 Contact Hilda Roe
Resource Susan Stafford-Johnson 11:00-12:00 Contact Susan Stafford-Johnson
LEAD Barbara Daise 1:30-2:30 Contact Barbara Daise
LEAD Stefanie Gale 9:00-10:00 Contact Stefanie Gale
Cross/CAT Kelsey Deal 10:00-11:00 Contact Kelsey Deal



Subject Teacher Office Hours Email
English Sarah Phillips 10:00-11:00 Contact Sarah Phillips
Science Heather Lowe 11:00-12:00 Contact Heather Lowe
Math Debby Atwood 9:00-10:00 Contact Debby Atwood
U.S. History I Rhonda Ryberg 8:30-9:30 Contact Rhonda Ryberg
Resource Jenny James 11:00-12:00 Contact Jenny James
Resource Katie Bley 11:00-12:00 Contact Katie Bley


Shooting Stars

Subject Teacher Office Hours Email
English Dani Crawford 1:00-2:00 Contact Dani-Nicole Crawford
Science Bonnie Cartwright 11:00-12:00 Contact Bonnie Cartwright
Math Kim Adams 8:30-9:30 Contact Kimberly Adams
U.S. History I Jim McCabe 9:00-11:00 & 1:00-3:00 Contact Jim McCabe
Resource Sarah Morgans 9:00-10:00 Contact Sarah Morgans
LEAD Rose King 9:00-10:00 Contact Rose King


8th Grade Academic Teams



Subject Teacher Office Hours Email
English Christie Ambrose 12:00-1:00 Contact Christie Ambrose
Science Linsey Gregg 8:00-9:00 Contact Linsey Gregg
Math Victoria Sibelu 9:00-10:00 Contact Victoria Sibelu
U.S. History II Ryan Collins 8:00-9:00 Contact Ryan Collins
Resource Allan Harris 8:00-9:00 Contact Allan Harris



Subject Teacher Office Hours Email
English Karen Hansen 8:00-9:00 Contact Karen Hansen
Science Ann McGee 8:00-9:00 Contact Ann McGee
Math Tawnya Faulkner 11:00-12:00 Contact Tawnya Faulkner
U.S. History II Terri-Ann Cox 11:00-12:00 Contact Terri-Ann Cox
Resource Mindy Foster 10:00-11:00 Contact Mindy Foster
LEAD Sheila Woods 11:00-12:00 Contact Sheila Woods



Subject Teacher Office Hours Email
English Hope Luning 8:00-9:00 Contact Hope Luning
Science Brittany Meier 1:00-2:00 Contact Brittany Meier
Math Andrea Perry 8:30-9:30 Contact Andrea Perry
U.S. History II Derek Braxton 8:00-9:00 Contact Derek Braxton
Resource Ayanna Byrd 10:00-11:00 Contact Ayanna Byrd

Physical Education

Teacher Office Hours Email
Amy Krantz 8:00-9:00 Contact Amy Krantz
Kris Hall 8:00-9:00 Contact Kris Hall
Chris Pippin 8:00-9:00 Contact Chris Pippin
Katie Reynolds 8:00-9:00 Contact Katie Reynolds
Dennis Whitby 8:00-9:00 Contact Dennis Whitby


Subject Teacher Office Hours Email
Art Michelle Rushing 11:00-12:00 Contact Michelle Rushing
Band Stephanie Fisher 9:00-10:00 Contact Stephanie Fisher
Chorus Sonja Sanders 11:00-10:00 Contact Sonja Sanders
Family & Consumer Science Jennifer Livingston 10:00-11:00 Contact Jennifer Livingston
Family & Consumer Science Stacey McDonnell 10:00-11:00 Contact Stacey McDonnell
Exp. Foreign Lang./Spanish Darby Christian 2:00-3:00 Contact Darby Christian
French Jenny Tunny 9:00-10:00 Contact Jenny Tunny
Orchestra John Husser 9:00-10:00 Contact John Husser
Technology Geoff Runyon 10:00-11:00 Contact Geoff Runyon
Spanish Davida Kenley 3:00-4:00 Contact Davida Kenley


Teacher Assistants

April Bailey Contact April Bailey
Kathy Breslin Contact Kathy Breslin
Stephanie Hazelwood Contact Stephanie Hazelwood
Sara Hold-Runyon Contact Sara Hold-Runyon
Denise Landle Contact Denise Landle
Denise Lentini Contact Denise Lentini
Melani Miller Contact Melani Miller
Barbara Kimble Contact Barbara Kimble
Beverly Nuber Contact Beverly Nuber
Cherea Peebles Contact Cherea Peebles
Christine Quiatchon Contact Christine Quiatchon
Lee-Ann Stepney Contact Lee-Ann Stepney
Hazel Stevenson Contact Hazel Stevenson
Beth Thurman Contact Beth Thurman
Andrea Warren Contact Andrea Warren