Dress Code

Chesapeake School Board Policy: The Chesapeake School Board expects all students to dress in a manner appropriate for the promotion of learning. Student appearance shall not be disrespectful, indecent, nor dangerous to the health and welfare of students, or disruptive to the school environment.

Greenbrier Middle School Standards for reasons of health and safety:

• Students must wear footwear at all times. Flip flops, shower shoes, bedroom slippers, open toed shoes or any other shoe that is not securely fitted are not acceptable for school.

• Students must wear clothes as they were designed to be worn (e.g. buttoned, zipped up, or belted tight enough to prevent them from falling and/or exposing undergarments or body parts).

• As a general guide, the length of shorts, skirts, dresses, etc. should be no shorter than the fingertips when arms are extended down by their side. Note: The rule applies even if the student is wearing tights or leggings under the garment.

• Students are not permitted to wear leggings alone or pants with holes or rips, unless the holes or rips are below fingertip length.

• Students may not wear apparel or jewelry which advertises, glorifies, symbolizes any illegal substances or substances illegal for use by minors, or violent or illegal activities.

• Students may not wear lewd or suggestive apparel or other personal belongings that advocate violence and/or represents any gang activity and/or membership.

• Students may not wear tank tops, fishnet shirts, or other apparel specifically designed as beachwear or which exposes the midriff or overexposes the back. Visible cleavage or low cut shirts are not permitted.

• Wearing of hoods, hats, bandanas, scarves, visors, headbands and pajama pants are not permitted in the building.