Dress Code

Chesapeake School Board Policy: The Chesapeake School Board expects all students to dress in a manner appropriate for the promotion of learning. Student appearance shall not be disrespectful, indecent, nor dangerous to the health and welfare of students, or disruptive to the school environment.

In an effort to ensure a safe, productive, and positive work and learning environment, clothing and accessories
that present safety concerns or obstacles to the educational environment are prohibited (i.e., clothing adorned with
spikes or chains, unsafe footwear that may be a tripping hazard, etc.).

  • Clothing and accessories should be appropriate for all scheduled classroom activities including but not limited to
    physical education, science or food labs, wood shop, and other activities where individual hazards may exist.


  • Students are not permitted to wear clothing and/or accessories that advocate violence, profanity, alcohol, and
    other drug use and/or distribution. Clothing that displays gang activity and/or membership, displays disparaging or
    presents messages of hate or symbols associated with hate toward any group based on race, sex, ethnicity, gender
    ability, heritage, sexual orientation, religion or are reasonably likely to create a substantial disruption to the
    educational environment are prohibited.


  • Students must wear clothing that covers their skin from chest to mid-thigh with non-see-through fabric (in front,
    back, and on the sides).

    • The length of shirts and other tops must at least meet the top of the student’s pants.
    • Shirts must be worn under sheer or see-through tops.
    • Clothing must cover undergarments, with the exception of straps, when sitting, standing, or bending.
    • All sleeveless tops must be securely connected over the shoulders by straps.
    • Students must wear bottoms of the appropriate length. the length of bottoms (i.e., shorts, skirts, etc.) may be no
      shorter than mid-thigh.
    • Pants, shorts, or leggings with rips, holes, or see-through mesh that expose skin above mid-thigh are not
      permitted. Students may wear shorts or leggings under garments with rips or holes above mid-thigh. Additionally,
      all bottoms must comply with the following requirements:
    • All pants, skirts, and shorts must fit at the waist.
    • Hemlines and slits above mid-thigh are not acceptable.
    • Wearing leggings under shorts, skirts, or dresses is permitted if these bottom items of clothing are at least


  • Headwear, including hats, hoodies, sweatbands, and bandanas are generally prohibited in the school building.
    • Exceptions for headwear will be made for students to reasonably accommodate medical/health or disability-related
      issues (i.e., protective helmets), as an expression of sincerely held religious belief (i.e., hijabs or yarmulkes), or
      cultural expression (i.e., geles).


  • For reasons of health and safety, students must wear footwear at all times when on school property, except in instances when changing for practices, performances, or physical education classes. Athletic shoes that are close-toed, secured in the back, and have a rubber or hard sole will be required for participation in certain school-based activities (i.e., physical education classes, extracurricular sports or clubs, wood shop, or other technical education classes, science labs involving chemicals, etc.).


  • Students whose dress is considered contrary to good hygiene or in any way disruptive to the learning process will be required to meet the school division’s standards for dress and appearance and shall be disciplined in accordance with the Chesapeake City Public School’s Student Code of Conduct.


  • Exceptions to the above standards are outlined below:
    • School administrators shall grant exceptions to the dress code as previously indicated based on disability, health/medical reasons, or for sincerely held religious beliefs unless deemed a safety concern.
    • Exceptions may be made for spirit week celebrations or for extracurricular and athletic-related purposes, as approved by the school administrator.


  • Prior to the end of the first month of each school year, each local school will make available to parents/guardians
    and students school dress code standards established herein.