8th Grade Semi-formal Dance Regulations

  1. Only 8th grade students who have paid for the dance, do not accrue discipline infractions that make them ineligible to attend, and have a completed permission slip (to be distributed 5/25/22) signed by a parent will receive a ticket to enter the dance.
  2. Only 8th grade Greenbrier students who qualify for the dance can purchase a ticket 5/31/22 – 6/6/22. Students who receive one or more days of OSS or two days of ISS for two separate incidents from 4/18/22 through 6/10/22 (the school day of the dance) will not be eligible for the dance. In the event that a student loses the privilege to attend after purchasing a ticket, that ticket cost will be refunded upon request.
  3. If a student purchases a ticket for the dance but fails to show up, that ticket cost will not be refunded.
  4. The school dress code will be enforced as discussed in the Refocus Meetings with Dr. Handley and Ms. Jordan. For this event, jeans with skin exposed, shorts, or sweat pants will not be permitted. Students need to dress up for this occasion. Students in violation of this dress code will not be permitted to enter the dance. If in doubt, bring a picture of you wearing that outfit to school and see Dr. Handley or Ms. Jordan.
  5. Students must remain in the designated dance area: the cafeteria, walkways surrounding the cafeteria, and the bathrooms off the cafeteria.
  6. Students must act in a safe and respectful manner: no body slamming, no crowding around other dancers, no foul language, and no negative comments about other students.
  7. Students may not behave in a way that imitates sexual behavior; no grinding, touching others, or using suggestive hand gestures. As during the instructional day, public displays of affection are not appropriate.
  8. Photographs and/or video taken at school or school functions containing images of minor students may not be posted on the Internet in any manner, including, but not limited to social media such as Snapchat, Instagram, and tiktok, regardless of whether the sites are public or private, without the expressed permission of the student’s parent.
  9. Tickets will be sold during homeroom from one teacher per team. Lynx students may purchase tickets from Mrs. Jones in room 807. WAVE students may purchase tickets from Ms. Luning in room 809. PAWS team students may purchase tickets from Mrs. McGee in room 821.