Traveling within GFHS building specifics

All students will need to adhere to the below specifics concerning our return to school safely plan.  Students will travel through the building following a defined path.  Please do not loiter in spaces around the school. Be sure you are moving through the hallways in the correct direction. If you are going the wrong way, please turn around. Refrain from touching unnecessary items. Use the hand sanitizer stations placed around the building often. You may use the restrooms during bell changes, but there is a limit to 4 people in the restrooms at one time. The locker pods are closed. Do not loiter there.

Bus Riders
Busses will unload 2 at a time on the bus ramp entering through doors 22D and 23D.

Drivers, Parent Drop-Off, Walkers, Bike Riders
You will enter at door 2A (the gymnasium) no earlier than 8:35 a.m.

Please view the information sheet on specifics about traveling through the building here.