Grizzly Events

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Recognizing that the students of Grassfield High School will function in a pluralistic society based on the abilities and integrity of its individual citizens, the staff endeavors to provide a comprehensive program that will assist each student in becoming a concerned responsible citizen, prepared to cope with personal challenges, and to make a unique contribution to society. The school recognizes its share of responsibility for the development of the individual’s capabilities, cultural awareness, and sense of values. The school, which recognizes the characteristics of the community, works cooperatively with its patrons, seeking their essential, positive assistance. The school seeks the cooperation of the community, which provides future employment, spiritual and cultural activities, and recreation for the students. Co-curricular and extracurricular activities support certain goals that enhance the curriculum. The curriculum and these activities contribute to the emotional, physical, and intellectual curiosity of the student, foster resourcefulness in seeking and utilizing information, and encourage each student to strive for maximum achievement.


Grizzly Student Activities Program Objectives

The student activities program is designed

  • to involve as many students as possible in student activities
  • to offer a wide variety of programs
  • to provide learning opportunities beyond the formal curriculum.


Is your event not listed?

If your Grizzly event is not listed, please contact the Grassfield High School webmaster to request that information be posted.