Grassfield Military Family Resources

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Grassfield High School (GFHS) recognizes and appreciates the commitment, contributions and sacrifices of the military families in our community.  We are proud to assist military families with their transition to our Chesapeake community.  Grassfield High School is committed to providing support, resources and enriching programs to enhance and support their families.

This webpage is designed to assist military families find their way and to provide information about relocating to Chesapeake. We have also provided several resources that outline the registration procedures, school locations, academic programs, graduation requirements and calendars within Chesapeake. Please visit our district military resources page dedicated to information for our military families to find important information relevant to all of the forty-seven schools in Chesapeake Public Schools.

Grassfield High School 
Counselor team
Prepared and ready to assist military families wishing to enroll their student at Grassfield High School
Military & Family Life Counselor

Ms. Ady Shea
Email Ms. Shea
(757) 719-9654

Ms. Shea is in the school Mon-Fri.  If you need any assistance, please review the below documents.

Please see the attached documents for your information:
Parent Letter, Consent to receive services, the MFLC CYB brochure explaining the program.

School Liaison Officer

Dr. Jeffrey W. McGee, PhD
Email Dr. McGee

The School Liaison Officer (SLO) specializes in serving military families and offers a wide spectrum of services, enabling families to become more involved in their child’s educational experience.
Services include:
• School Transition Services
• Deployment Support
• Special Needs System Navigation
• Installation, School and Community Communications
• Partnerships in Education
• Home School Linkage Support
• Post-Secondary Preparation Opportunities
Student 2 Student Coordinator

student 2 student icon
GFHS Counselor


 S2S Program Objective & Purpose:
• To provide the student who is relocating with the critical edge for a successful transition
• To rapidly meet the transitioning students’ critical needs.
• To quickly bring transitioning students necessary and relevant information from a credible, reputable source: another student.
• To immediately establish a peer relationship – helping student gain confidence, enhance their comfort level and increase their well being while they adjust to their new experiences.
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