Planning Your Arrival to GFE

Below is the link to our school division’s link on enrollment requirements.

To assist with getting children started as quickly as possible, it is helpful for families to have copies of school physicals and unofficial school records which might include the latest report card and any Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) when applicable.  Additionally, our reading specialist gives all new students a brief reading assessment to help identify a snapshot of his/her reading strengths and needs.

While enrolling all new families are given a tour of our facility to help ease the transition to a new space.  In addition, all new students who enroll during the school year are matched up with a peer mentor through our eS2S mentoring program.  The peer mentors help the children through the first couple of weeks in the classrooms, at recess, and at lunch in addition to completing a scavenger hunt that introduces the children to key adult leaders in the building including the principal, assistant principals, office staff, and resource teachers to name a few.