General Information

Mission Statement
The Chesapeake Public Schools family promotes educational excellence by engaging all learners in meaningful and innovative learning experiences that empower them to successfully fulfill their life purpose.

New residents, new students, and those transferring within the school system should register students as soon as possible at the school which serves your community. To enter kindergarten a child must be 5 years old on or before September 30. Further information is available at each public school. More information about student enrollment.

Health Services
Immunization Requirements for School Entry Documentary proof shall be provided of adequate age appropriate immunization with the prescribed number of doses of vaccine. All students prior to enrollment must meet immunization requirements.
*Certificate of Religious Exemption from Immunization – This form is no longer available, please contact Student Support Services.
*View Immunization Requirements.

Dress Code
Students must wear appropriate dress to school. Extremely brief dress such as bare midriffs, see-through blouses, and short shorts will not be permitted. Hats may not be worn inside school buildings, and shoes must be worn at all times. If you are in doubt as to what is appropriate dress, contact your school principal.

From CPS Student Conduct Policy Guidelines (XIV):

1. Students will not be allowed to wear inappropriate clothes, jewelry, or other apparel or personal belongings that advocate violence, alcohol, and other drug use and/or distribution; that represent gang activity and/or membership; that use obscenities; or that reflect adversely on persons due to race, gender, creed, or intellectual abilities, or that contain inappropriate innuendos.2. Students who wear revealing attire (such as see-through shirts) may be removed from school.

3. Hats may not be worn in school buildings.

4. For reasons of health and safety, all students are required to wear appropriate shoes when on school property.

5. Students whose dress is considered contrary to good hygiene, distracting to other students, or in any way disruptive to the learning process will be required to meet the school standards.

6. Prior to the end of the first month of each school year, each local school will make available to parents and students school dress code standards.

Absences and Tardiness
When it is necessary for a student to be absent, a parent should call the school the morning of that absence and then must provide a written excuse stating the reason for the absence once the student returns to school. The only legitimate excuses for absences or tardiness are: the personal illness of a student, severe illness or a death in the immediate family, exposure to contagious disease, and religious holidays. Absences for any other reason require prior permission of the principal. In all cases, a parent must provide a written excuse stating the reason for the absence or tardiness.

Illness at School
Clinic services are provided for student illness or injury. Medication will not be administered by the school staff without written parental permission and a doctor’s order. If a student needs regular medication, the parent must contact the school so appropriate arrangements can be made. A registered nurse is assigned to each Chesapeake school.

Students will not be required to walk more than one-tenth of a mile in any zone designated as a transportation zone. (This restriction may not apply when dead-end streets with inadequate turnaround areas extend beyond the above-stated limits.)

Report Cards
Elementary and middle school report cards, which are issued every nine weeks, are given to the students a few days after the end of each grading period to take home. They should be signed and returned the following school day. Parents also may receive notice between report cards when students are not progressing satisfactorily. The high schools follow a 4×4 block schedule and report cards are issued every 4˝ weeks. They are sent home by students to parents a few days after the conclusion of the grading period. Parents should sign and have their child return the report card to the school the following day. Parents will also receive sufficient notice prior to the conclusion of the grading period if their child is in danger of failing a course.
View Report Card Schedule

School Delays/Closings
Schools may be delayed or closed due to hurricanes, snow, ice, or extreme heat. School superintendent Dr. Jared Cotton will make the decision and have it announced first on WFOS FM 88.7, the Chesapeake Public Schools radio station, WCPS COX-46 and Verizon Channel-48. Announcements also will be made on other local media stations. Parents will also be notified via phone and/or text through our Parent Alert System. There are times when, due to unforeseen circumstances, schools may close early. When this happens, students should have a plan of action. They should know what to do and where to go when they arrive at home. Parents should have an understanding with their children beforehand exactly what action they should take in case of early closings.
View Emergency Information.

Student Conduct
Discipline is an integral part of the educational process as it relates to development of personal integrity, maturity, and good citizenship. Appropriate conduct and good order in the schools are essential and will be maintained so that all students have the opportunity to learn without disruptions. Violation of discipline policies may result in expulsion, suspension, or other disciplinary actions deemed appropriate by the principal.

View information about Breakfast & Lunch Prices and Menus.

Free & Reduced School Meals Application
More information about applying for free or reduced meals.

Graduation Requirements
Please view the Graduation Requirements.

Scholarship Information
Scholarship information may be obtained in the Guidance section of the district web site.

Discrimination Policy
All members of the Chesapeake Public School community are reminded that the Chesapeake City School Board and all Chesapeake Public Schools is committed to avoiding discrimination at all times.

As School Board Policy 3-6 indicates: The school board is committed to the principle of equal opportunity for all and shall not permit unfair discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability. This principle shall apply to students, employees, patrons, vendors and all others who serve or are served by the school system . . .

This requirement extends to all aspects of the school program, including the educational and extracurricular programs.

Procedures for seeking resolution of grievances resulting from alleged discrimination are available from the Title IX coordinator at:
312 Cedar Road
P.O. Box 16496
Chesapeake, VA 23322

Section 504
Should you have any questions concerning the application of Section 504, please direct them to the school division’s Section 504 Coordinator at:
312 Cedar Road
P.O. Box 16496
Chesapeake, VA 23322

Each school has its own Parent Teacher Association. Parents interested in joining should call the main office at their children’s school to find out who leads the PTA. The cost of membership varies.

Adult Education
Adults interested in earning the GED or getting information about other adult education classes or programs may call the Adult Education Center at 482-5680. Or visit the Adult Education website.