The Wildcat Chat PAWdcast is now on Spotify and Apple Podcasts

MicrophoneWildcats, did you know that The Wildcat Chat PAWdcast is now on Apple Podcasts and Spotify? A podcast is a form of digital audio, much like a radio show, that can be downloaded or streamed anytime and anywhere.

The Wildcat Chat PAWdcast is about life at GBMS!  It is created and co-hosted by GBMS students and topics are selected by the students which are meaningful to their middle school experience.  Join in the fun as we discuss a day in the life of a GBMS Wildcat. You will hear from students, teachers, and GBMS community members too.

How do you listen?  You can subscribe today by searching for the Wildcat Chat PAWdcast on the Apple Podcasts App or Spotify.

The first episode dives into the student perspective of their “new” learning environment, GBMS news and events, and holiday traditions.

We hope you subscribe and enjoy The Wildcat Chat PAWdcast!  Feel free to click the links below as well.