Report an Absence Button in ParentVue

Purple Backgound with different color cirlcesThere is a new feature in ParentVue web access and mobile device app for parents and guardians to have the opportunity to report their student(s) as absent or tardy electronically.  The Report Absence feature allows parents and guardians to report absences up to seven days in advance and can accommodate single-day and multi-day absences. For each absence reported, parents and guardians must provide a short note to explain the reason. This note will help school attendance secretaries select the correct attendance code for the absence/tardy. If a doctor’s note or other documentation is available, there is an option to upload that resource when parents report the absence or tardy.  This is the new preferred method for parents to report absences and tardies. This electronic notification would serve as the written notice required for student absences and tardies.

For further information and directions, click the link below.

CPS New ParentVue Absence Button Information and Directions.