Math Club

Sponsor: Email Reagan Davis

Purpose: Promote mathematical fluency in middle school mathematics, Algebra 1, and Geometry.  Build: critical thinking skills that apply to problems, creative thinking for solutions, collaboration with teammates, communication through written and verbal solving strategies and solution processes, and citizenship skills to build up team members and promote positive self-image at a Mathematics leader at GBM.

Cost: T-shirt (approx. $15).  If students make it competition there is an additional cost (ex: Transportation, Meals, Shirt, Registration Cost, etc.)

Tentative Activities: “Weekly Club Meetings, School-wide competition in January *Area-wide competition in Feb

*State-wide comp. in March

*National comt. in May

(*Can attend if school team wins the previous  round/competition)

Location: Room 814

Dates/Times: Most Thursday Afternoons from 3:45 – 4:30 p.m.