7th Grade Supply List

Listed below are school supplies common to all seventh-grade teams. An additional item unique to a particular course may be added at the beginning of the school year. Please replenish consumable items throughout the year.

• #2 pencils
• Black, blue, and red ink pens
• Coloring supplies (crayons, markers, or colored pencils)
• Two packages of loose-leaf paper (wide-ruled)
• Four glue sticks
• Highlighters
• Two packages of 3 x 5 index cards
• Scissors (blunt tip)
• One large (3” or 4”) three-ring binder or four 1” three-ring binders for
core classes (whichever option your student prefers)
• Two 2” three-ring binders (for PE/Health and electives)
• Three-ring dividers with 5 tabs
• Seven spiral notebooks (wide ruled, one subject)
• Zippered pencil pouch with notebook holes
• Two 2 pocket/prong folders
• Two boxes of tissues
• Two marble composition books
• One combination lock for PE (optional – TBD)

• One dry erase marker (optional)