Wildcat One Lunch

Wildcat One Lunch (logo) - Inspire, Engage, EmpowerOUR GOAL:

Provide equitable access to academic supports, programs, and opportunities for all students during school hours throughout the school year.


The bell schedule has been adjusted to allow for one lunch period for the whole school. We will provide two 25 minute sections (1st half, 2nd half) and encourage students to use Wildcat One Lunch time to best fulfill their needs and goals for that day. We will have a weekly schedule that will empower our Wildcats (students & faculty) with extra instructional time, opportunities for engagement with clubs & school organizations, and the flexibility to address specific needs of our Wildcats!


    • Find an activity that benefits YOU
    • Use your time wisely
    • Comply with staff directions and administrative expectations.
    • Follow all school procedures & expectations
    • No outside deliveries of food will be accepted


Students will have access to the Library, Computer Labs, Tutoring, Gymnasium (open gym), school counseling, Wildcat Writing Center, and more!