Family Choice Window: Second Semester

In July 2020, families made a choice for the learning option that would best fit their circumstances for the first semester. As we plan for second semester, families will need to decide if they want to continue with their current option or make a change. This commitment will be in effect from February 3, 2021, through June 17, 2021.

We are asking all families to confirm their intent FOR EACH CHILD enrolled in Chesapeake Public Schools by Friday, December 4, 2020, using their ParentVUE account. This information will help us balance our available resources to meet the demand for each learning option. Parents who do not confirm a change for their children will default to their current option. Families will receive confirmation emails on Monday, December 7, 2020, denoting which option families selected for each of their children.

As a reminder, Option 1, the On-Campus Continuum, aims to provide as much on-campus time as is safely possible. Option 1 is subject to changing conditions – including the metrics and physical distancing requirements for on-campus learning. Option 2 allows students to continue to learn online from home. Option 2 students will remain connected to their home school and can still participate in extracurricular activities as they become available.  It is important for families to understand, that students at the elementary and middle school levels who make a change from one option to another will most likely have a different teacher or team assignment as a result. For those who do not make a change at the elementary or middle school level, we will make every effort to keep your student assigned to the same teacher or team.

The following information has been prepared to assist families in deciding which learning option is best for their student:
Learning Safely Together: Family Choice Options and Instructional Updates

ParentVUE Help Sheet: Selecting a Learning Option for Semester 2 (directions available in English & en Español)