The Chesapeake Public School district is committed to providing all students in grades K-12 with a quality education designed to meet individual needs. Students with exceptional abilities require differentiated instruction in order to accommodate their unique capabilities and to foster their full potential. Without differentiation, superior potential may remain undeveloped. Therefore, Chesapeake Public Schools offers gifted students a continuum of differentiated instructional programs and services from kindergarten through grade twelve. Teachers, students, and parents work collaboratively to address the needs of the gifted. Various learning opportunities and services are available to extend and enrich curricula and to challenge students. Continuous staff development ensures an enlightened approach to the provision of effective curriculum and instruction for gifted learners.

Gifted education in Chesapeake is based upon the premise that learning experiences must emphasize higher-order thinking skills in research and problem solving and focus simultaneously on areas such as communication, creativity, self-awareness, and cooperative interaction with peers.