Congratulations, Class of 2019!

Wow! That’s really the best way to describe how I felt attending my first commencement ceremonies for all seven of our high schools last week. There is nothing that makes me prouder to be a superintendent than to see our students walk across the stage to receive their high school diploma. It’s truly a moment that you never forget.

I know I will never forget the inspirational speeches by our student leaders including the onstage selfie by Audrey Baker, Grassfield High School’s SCA President, as she reminded the audience that kids these days might spend a lot of time on their devices, but they are using those same devices to find ways to make positive change in their community and around the world.

I also won’t forget the way Ryan Keverline, Western Branch’s Valedictorian, chose not to share her own wisdom in her speech, but instead to highlight advice from many of her classmates.

Whether you heard Mr. Joseph from Oscar Smith High share personal stories of how his graduates overcame incredible obstacles to find success or whether you heard the Hickory High School Chamber Choirs’ rendition of “This is Me,” from the Greatest Showman, there was something memorable in each ceremony.


Every moment of Deep Creek High’s ceremony proved time and time again that the “pride runs deep in the creek.” And it was clear that Indian River’s 50th graduating class maintained the high level of educational excellence all Braves are known for.

As my alma mater, Great Bridge High, took the stage to wrap up the marathon three days of celebrations, it was SCA President Robert Holroyd who reminded his peers that Great Bridge graduates have a long history of doing great things.

But if there is one thing that stands out even more than all of those unforgettable moments, it’s the smiles on the faces of all the friends and family members in attendance who played a vital role in the success of our students. It was truly an honor to share in their immense pride as each name was called, and I wish each and every one of our graduates a bright future.


These pictures represent only a handful of the hundreds of smiling faces we captured last week. To view and download more images from your graduation ceremony, please choose your school below.