Navigating Flo

This has been a challenging week–some would say historic! Never before have we been impacted by a mandatory evacuation ordered by the Governor. I was impressed by how well our Emergency Team came together to address Hurricane Florence. We were all thrown for a loop when Governor Northam made his announcement on Monday evening. As the week unfolded, our teams went to work making preparations to help prepare our community. Shelter teams at several of our schools were put on notice.     Luckily, the forecast shifted Florence’s path away from Hampton Roads, which dramatically changed our outlook. We opened two of our schools, Greenbrier Middle School and Indian River Middle School, to assist in providing shelter for our community while we waited out the storm. Fortunately, we survived the … Read more


This week marks the start of a new school year–one that I have been anxiously awaiting for a while now. The halls are sparkling, the rooms are inviting, and we are ready for our first students of the year to walk through the doors. A personal goal of mine is to visit all 47 of our schools and centers this year to meet with the faculty and staff at each location. Last week I was able to get started on that mission by stopping by a few of our schools during the pre-service week. At Grassfield High School I stumbled upon an outstanding show of student leadership. The SCA supported the faculty and staff at GFHS by serving breakfast and assisting in organizing a staff development day featuring Dr. Phil … Read more