How do you want to be remembered?

There’s something about the start of a new school year… it is energizing!  You could feel the excitement building this week as we continue to prepare for the start of a new school year.  Many of our schools welcomed students as they held the first of many back-to-school events to allow new students the chance to visit their buildings and prepare for the year. This week I finished up the last two of my Meet & Greet events—at Deep Creek and Oscar Smith High Schools.  Both Deep Creek and Oscar Smith involved students in the events—including the band!  I was amazed at the talent and dedication of our students!      I did not expect all the attention, and I was completely humbled by these experiences. Even though these events have … Read more

Summer Celebrations

I finally had the chance to visit The Branch this past week.  The students, staff, and community at Western Branch High School really made me feel welcome!  I can’t get over the sense of pride you feel in each part of our city.  Each community is unique and I am enjoying getting to meet and talk to members of this great community.  I have to give a shout out to the students who got up early on that summer day just to make sure I felt welcome—they even painted a message on the WBHS rock.  Now that’s school spirit! You know, it is easy to forget exactly how big the city of Chesapeake is—until you take a trip to Western Branch.  It really puts things into perspective.  Chesapeake covers more … Read more

Remembering Our Why

Last week my administrative staff put the finishing touches on their back-to-school presentations to kick off the year for our administrators.  We met at Grassfield High School on Thursday to reflect upon the events of the past year, share important information, and set goals for the future.  I was impressed watching the team come together to create an event that was as inspiring as it was informative.   Best-selling author, Simon Sinek encourages leaders to “Start with Why.”  The administrative teams sported their school colors as we sat down and discussed the “why” behind what we do.  What I mean by that is we talked about our purpose for what we do each day.  This can be different for each person involved in our organization.  Your “why” might be different … Read more

Dedication and Service

What a great week!  I have been working hard to get reacquainted with Chesapeake, and this week I was able to talk with some of our community partners.  I sat down with Dr. Rhine from Tidewater Community College on Wednesday.  I am proud that we have such a strong partnership established with TCC.  I am a big supporter of continued education for our students, and TCC provides a great avenue for our kids to earn college credit and industry credentials.  Dr. Rhine shared with me that we already have a great partnership in place and there are new opportunities for us to explore.  As I shared during my “Meet and Greets,” great things happen for students when community leaders work together.  I’m looking forward to continuing to expand on our … Read more