Tradition and Pride

I am amazed at the growth I see in Chesapeake.  While it feels as if it was only yesterday that I was walking the halls of Crestwood Intermediate as a 5th grade teacher, the years have really flown by.  I was reminded of that fact when visiting several of our high schools this week as I began our Meet & Greet events. My first stop was Hickory High School.  When I was a teenager, Hickory High did not exist.  The students that walk those halls today would have been my fellow wildcats at the time.  Seeing the growth in that area of the city was an eye-opener for me.  The community there was very supportive and I appreciate those that braved the rainstorm to stop by and say hello.  Even … Read more

It’s good to be home.

Have you ever had a moment in your life when things just click? Everything falls into place and things just make sense. That sums up my first week back in Chesapeake. I spent the first part of the week visiting schools and departments across our division, just to say hello. I wanted to put faces to names, see a few old friends, and meet the rest of the CPS workforce. As I moved from one location to the next, I was touched by the warm welcome I received from everyone. I know you have heard it before, but I have to say it for myself—Chesapeake Public Schools is a family. I enjoyed many moments where I felt immediately connected, supported, and in some cases, humbled. While my visits to each … Read more


Portrait of Superintendent Dr. Jared Cotton smiling - caption: #cottoniscoming home

  INTRODUCTION When I started my career in education, I had the honor of teaching fifth graders at Crestwood Intermediate School, right here in Chesapeake! To my surprise, my first classroom was the same classroom where I attended as a fifth grade student many years prior. As I look back on my 25-year career in education, this unique experience holds even more significance for me. Chesapeake Public Schools is the school division that nurtured me and guided my development as a young scholar. Later, Chesapeake Public Schools became the place where I started this rewarding, meaningful career in education. Today, I get to be an integral part of continuing the tradition of excellence that is the hallmark of this great school division. Since leaving Chesapeake, I always hoped that I … Read more