Digital Promise

Chesapeake Public Schools is proud to be a member of the League of Innovative Schools, a national coalition of forward-thinking K-12 school districts organized by Digital Promise, a nonprofit organization with the mission to accelerate innovation in education and improve the opportunity to learn for all through technology and research.

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Through our League membership, we are proud to offer high-quality educational experiences to our students with a focus on:

Providing equitable opportunities for students to excel: Through tiered teaching and learning strategies with students, the district team collaborates to promote student achievement and positive behavior.

Stimulating student interest in computer science: Chesapeake Public Schools has launched an elementary school STEAM initiative that is designed to expose young students to coding and programming, beginning in kindergarten. The STEAM initiative is designed to connect visual arts activities to concepts related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Supporting teachers to develop the skills to teach computer science and computational thinking: In order to reach the goals of creating more high-paying jobs and building a tech talent workforce to fill technology jobs in Virginia, the district implemented plans to teach computer science and computational thinking skills to teachers, who can then better instruct students.

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