Teacher of the Year

Our 2020-2021 Deep Creek Middle School Teacher of the Year is Orchestra Director, Mx. Déb Ramos-Smiley. They are a lover of music, loyal to student benefits, and a role-model. Mx. Ramos-Smiley fell in love with music as a 5th grader. That love resulted in a dual enrollment in Chesapeake Public Schools and The Governor’s School for the Arts, East Carolina’s String Project teaching private lessons, playing in an Afro-Cuban music group, and performing professionally with the Tar River Symphony. Mx. Ramos-Smiley believes music is a “mosaic art form” that can be used to enrich learning.

TOY 2020-2021 Mx. Deb Ramos-Smiley TOY 2020-2021 Mx. Deb Ramos-Smiley teaching            TOY 2020-2021 Mx. Deb Ramos-Smiley in concert


Last Revision 12/17/20