Deep Creek Middle School’s Mission Statement

The Deep Creek Middle School community is committed to consistently recognizing, supporting, and loving all students, regardless of their race, gender identity, ability, or socioeconomic status. We will continue to appreciate, validate, and learn about the uniqueness of each group, evolving as times change.

School Philosophy

The philosophy of Deep Creek Middle School has been developed with the primary purpose of carrying forth the education of the adolescent child, helping him to develop the basic skills which will enable him to become an active, intelligent, participating citizen in an ever changing society.

We, the administration and faculty of Deep Creek Middle School, realize that the major purpose and responsibility of our school is to provide meaningful and worthwhile learning experiences and opportunities for pupils to develop habits, attitudes, understandings, aspirations, and ideals compatible with their abilities. This implies that we must accept pupils as they are and assist them in solving as many of their problems as possible.

We, the faculty of Deep Creek Middle School, believe that all pupils should be provided with opportunities to:
Develop individual responsibility for personal cleanliness, private property, public property, and the rights of others.

Develop and acquire the fundamental skills needed for daily living in a scientific world.

Join teachers and fellow pupils in functional democratic living in every phase of school life.

We, the faculty of Deep Creek Middle School believe:

That every student should be able to successfully complete the work of a secondary school, if the program of this school is realistically and responsibly developed in accordance with the ideals and needs of a democratic society.

That the growth patterns of our adolescents are predictive and differ from those of older or younger students.

Thus, a separate school environment and instructional orientation is essential.

That the middle school is a unique institution with the specific and critical responsibility of offering learning and personal fulfillment, rather than learning that is for protection against fear, punishment and/or disapproval.

That all youth have potential for learning progression during the adolescent phase and demand more intensive guidance and nurturing at that time.

That middle school educators have a responsibility to consider all available information in their attempt to understand and direct student responses toward learning opportunities. This involves recognition of the multiple influences of extra-school life situations which are potential stress areas experienced by all youth to some degree.

That a primary requisite for all middle school staff members is an understanding of the adolescent growth and development process and its impact upon learning. Above all, they must have a genuine liking and concern for their students.

That self-respect and responsibility must be developed in harmony with the stage of maturity which the child has attained. He must be challenged by being given many opportunities to exercise responsibility. At the same time, he must not be asked to accept responsibilities beyond what is reasonable for one of his stage of maturity. In such areas, he must have the counsel and supervision of adults.

A tradition of academic excellence shall continue to prevail.

Educational Goals

Deep Creek Middle School will work with the administrative staff of Chesapeake Public Schools to improve the reading ability of its students.

The administration of Deep Creek Middle School will provide the faculty and staff with a positive working atmosphere in which to educate each student to the fullest extent of the student’s ability.

Deep Creek Middle School and its feeder schools will work together to increase curricular articulation.

Deep Creek Middle School will endeavor to meet the professional development needs of its faculty and staff through in-service programs and other staff development projects planned in conjunction with the Office of Staff Development.

Deep Creek Middle School will work with the central office administration to recognize growth of the borough and with the administration and the community to adopt a means to meet enrollment needs.

Deep Creek Middle School will endeavor to have its instructional departments work with the school’s administration and the subject area supervisors to develop curriculum modifications that meet the educational needs of the students as well as the state’s standards of learning.


Last Revision 9/13/2022