Have fun – join a club!  Check out this list of opportunities to get involved.  Contact the club sponsor for more information.

Bus transportation is not provided for clubs (with the exception of Hornet Hive).

Click here to view the DCMS Club Calendar for club meeting dates.


Sponsor: Mrs. Short

The DCM Art League invites visual artists for a time and space to research, explore, and work on the mediums of their choice. During this time, artists can focus on their own personal works and receive help if wanted to perfect technique in their focus. Artists are responsible for their own material as materials are not provided by the school. Artists are not required to be enrolled in an art class but a small portfolio of student work (3-5 pieces of art) is required for membership. The top 15 portfolio entries will be invited to participate.

Our mission is to encourage creativity in a positive environment.


Sponsors: Ms. Conner, Mrs. Whittle

Book club is a cozy, comfortable place to read.  We will have group discussions of what we read.  Club members will decide what we will read each month.  All grade levels are welcome.


Sponsor: Mr. Otter

If you like the game of chess or are interested in learning how to play, this is the club for you.  Chess is a game of strategy, concentration, and respect.  Chess boards and pieces will be provided.  Just bring yourself and your positive attitude to share with the group.  Meetings will be held every other Tuesday.


Sponsor: Mrs. Strickland

Gain confidence speaking in public, develop excellent communication skills and learn how to think on your feet!  This team analyzes issues and creates solutions.  They learn organization and clarity, how to persuade and how to listen.  Debate also teaches the tricks of the trade: eye contact, effective gestures, students poise, and presence and confidence.  The team competes with other teams in the city at debate team meets.


Sponsor: Mrs. Donovan, Mrs. Lucero-Wolf

This  club provides opportunities for personal development and preparation for adult life, encourages individual and group involvement in helping achieve cooperation and harmony.  We aim to promote greater understanding between youth and adults and provide opportunities for making decisions and for assuming responsibilities. Expect some cooking and sewing related activities.  


Sponsors: Mrs. Lucero-Wolf, Ms. K. Fletcher

Field Hockey Club is dedicated to all things Field Hockey.  All levels of players are invited to learn and practice field hockey with friends.  If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about the game, but have been nervous to try, this is the club for you.  We can’t wait to see you on the pitch!  (That’s what we call a field in field hockey.)


Sponsors: Mr. Martin, Ms. T. Fletcher

Gain confidence speaking in public, develop excellent communication skills and learn how to think on your feet!  This team gets to prepare responses to current issues and practice speaking in different formats. This organization helps develop clarity, persuasion skills, and listening skills.  The team competes with other teams in the city at Forensics team meets.


Sponsors:  Mrs. Suttmiller, Mrs. Palos, Mrs. Craig, Ms. Coleman

A club dedicated to helping to conserve energy and resources.  This club evaluates how we use energy in school and offers suggestions for improvement and conservation.  Students will develop a greater sense of awareness of natural and man-made resources and help to educate their peers. 


Sponsor: Mrs. Ramos-Smiley

This club is an after school enrichment program for strummers of all skill levels.  Get together and learn how to play the guitar or ukulele. Whether you want to start a rock band or play along to your favorite song, this is the club for  you.  You are not required to be enrolled in a music class to participate, but must have your own instrument. 


Sponsor: Mrs. Dezern

A quiet environment to complete assignments or tasks from the classroom.  It is possible for you to receive assistance or extra help on work that is currently being studied; however this is not a one-on-one or small group tutoring program. All students in the study hall are entitled to a quiet, orderly learning environment.  Students are expected to be engaged in study or other school work during the study hall period.  Bus transportation is provided.


Sponsor: Mrs. Ramsey

The DCMS Intramural Program provides students with the opportunity to participate in their favorite sports activity, and also discover the benefit of a new sport experience.  Intramurals is also a great way to meet new people and stay active at the same time.   These intramural programs will include sports such as tennis, kickball, flag football, soccer, basketball, volleyball, bowling, golf and aerobics. Additional sports/activities will be determined by student interest.


Sponsor: Ms. Heath, Ms. Hale

Our mission is to encourage, empower, and equip girls and woman to be holistically healthy and strong: educationally, emotionally, socially, and physically.


Sponsor: Mrs. Richardson

The Mayor’s Ambassadors organization is coordinated through the Mayor’s office and meets the first Thursday of each month at a different location throughout the city of Chesapeake. The focus of the group is community service.  All middle school students are eligible to participate and you can miss up to two meetings in a year and still be in good standing.  One highlight of previous years has been marching the holiday parade in front of City Hall in December.


Sponsors: Ms. ShibenMrs. Suttmiller

Benefits of being involved in student council include: opportunity to improve reading and writing skills, gain experience in public speaking, and learn how to make a positive impact on school and community environment. In addition, student council serves as a chance to meet new friends and work with a wide variety of people.
Student council will be involved in many school and community minded projects.
• Hornet Pride: School Spirit Week, pep rallies, spirit wear Fridays.
• Community service: Food drives, recycling projects, school beautification.
• School fundraisers: Box Tops for Education,  Farm Fresh 1-2-3-4, school dances, etc.


Sponsor: Mr. Neel

The Technology and Robotics club is open to all DCMS students.  Students of all experience levels are invited  to learn about electronics, programming, and digital fabrication, and to implement their knowledge in various robotics builds.  Additionally, this club will provide a chance for students to have extra time and get help with class projects, complete enrichment technology projects, or work on projects for the Technology Student Association.


Sponsors: Mrs. Freeley

Meet to learn about culture and languages around the globe. Participate in different cultural crafts. This club is open to any students interested and does not require enrollment in a foreign language. Must have permission slip on file to participate.


Sponsor: Ms. Long

The yearbook club works diligently all year to create an amazing yearbook. Involvement includes photography, writing, editing, formatting, and much more.  Must have permission slip on file to participate.


Sponsors: Mrs. Ramsey, Mr. Hunt, Mrs. Perez

WyldLife is the middle school ministry of Young Life – a Christian organization for students.  We’re excited to be starting at DCMS this year!


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