Virtual Expectations

Virtual Expectations

Welcome to E-Learning!


  • Keep Your username and password confidential as you agreed to in the Acceptable Telecommunications and Internet Use Policy for Students.
  • Be sure to be on time and mute Your Microphone when Entering your Virtual learning Environment.
  • Please use your first and last name when enter a meeting.
  • When attending virtual class meetings, activities, and/or discussions, students should participate as if they were attending class in a face-to-face traditional classroom.
  • Interactions with CPS Faculty, Staff, and Students in Virtual Learning While in virtual classrooms, students should address all CPS faculty and staff members with the courtesy expected by education professionals.
  • Students are not to use obscene, profane, threatening, or disrespectful language or images in any communications with CPS faculty, staff, and students. These actions are prohibited as indicated in our Acceptable Telecommunications and Internet Use for Students Policy (AUP).

Laptop and Schoolbooks

Be on Time

  • Be Prepared
  • Check to be sure your technology is working beforehand


  • Check your surroundings
  • Dress in school appropriate attire

Mute Yourself

  • Be sure to mute your microphone when joining a meeting.
  • Keep yourself muted unless otherwise instructed by your teacher.


  • Use headphones if you have them.


  • Be focused.
  • Be an active participate.

Chat Responsibly

  • Ask/post only class related questions and comments.