Technology Department

Ms. Novak (TSS), Ms. McCullough (TIS)

Deep Creek High School strives to provide students with access to the latest educational technologies. This includes SmartBoards or Interactive Touch Screen Monitors in every classroom, a Chromebook for each teacher and student and a wide array of instructional and productivity software. Every Chesapeake High School has two individuals accountable for the upkeep and training for these devices and programs.

The Technical Support Specialist (TSS) is an A+ Certified technician. They are responsible for performing maintenance and repairs for all technology hardware in the building – including computers, SmartBoards, printers and iPads. The TSS is in charge of network administration at the building level. They serve as a liaison between the district I.T. Department and the school concerning the purchase of new technology equipment and keep a detailed inventory of existing equipment. They work with the district network administrators to maintain reliable functioning of the Wide Area Network and wireless networks.

The Technology Integration Specialist (TIS) is a licensed teacher. They are responsible for training staff to use the available equipment. They provide workshops throughout the school year to ensure that staff are knowledgeable in using technology for both instruction and productivity. They work with teachers on an individual basis to develop technology-centered lessons. The TIS installs software, keeps track of licenses, manages user accounts for the network and maintains the school’s web page. They work closely with the Assistant Principle of Instruction to develop the school’s technology plan and to provide teachers with the most effective methods for integrating technology into their curriculum.