Special Education Department

Special Education Department

Special Education Department Faculty and Staff

Back Row Left to Right:  Ms. Walters, Mr. Fields, Mr. Swain, Ms. Naud, Ms. Fogarty, Mr. O’Connor
Middle Row Left to Right:  Ms. Newell, Ms. David, Ms. Panasky, Ms. McCracken, Ms. Young-Ruffin
Front Row Left to Right:  Ms. Milteer, Ms. Harrison, Ms. Brannock, Ms. Price, Ms. Forde, Ms. Robinson, Ms. Ellis

The Special Education Department’s major role is to provide a variety of special programs for students within the Deep Creek community who have been identified as hearing impaired, learning disabled, seriously emotionally disturbed, intellectually disabled, autistic, other health impaired, severely/profoundly disabled and speech/language impaired. Special education students may elect to work toward an Advanced Studies Diploma, Standard Diploma, Modified Standard Diploma, Special Diploma, or a Certificate of Attendance as specified in their Individualized Education Program. Students are served in a variety of settings including self-contained, resource, consultative or itinerant.

Special education teachers strive to foster feelings of self-worth in students that prepare them to face challenges associated with living in a changing world and making a contribution to their social environment. Services offered help students to become socially, emotionally, mentally and vocationally prepared to make the transition from high school to adult life.

The Special Education Department at Deep Creek High School strives to maintain highly qualified teachers.  The Department Chair is Ms. Jillian Ellis.  The Assistant Principal for our Special Needs Program is Ms. Jacqueline C. Milteer.  If you have any concerns, we can be reached at (757) 558-5302.

Special Education Department Chair: Ms. Jillian Ellis
Special Education Administrator: Ms. Jacqueline Milteer
Special Education Department Faculty
Mr. Mark Booth
Ms. Jullian Ellis
Ms. Joanna Forde Mr. Jaren Fink
Ms.Anne Gavin
Ms. Alyssa Harrison
Ms. Sandy Newell
Mr. Frank O’Connor
Ms. Tanya Panasky
Mr. William Partain
Ms. Yvonda Robinson
Ms. Sharon Spellman
Mr. Curtis Swain
Ms. Wendy Waddell
Mr. Joseph Wood
Ms. Brenda Wyatt
Ms. Tyra Young-Ruffin