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Social Studies Department

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The Social Studies curriculum offers a program of required and elective courses which is geared toward producing civic-minded persons. The program is designed to give students a comprehensive education which will enable them to become responsible citizens.

    • World History surveys the background and development of world civilization. These courses encompass the history of man, from the pre-historic era through the Middle Ages to the present day. The study of these civilizations emphasizes ideas, political institutions, economics, religion and culture as a part of man’s development.
    • United States History is a study of the rise of the American nation from its colonial beginning to the present.
    • National Government, as well as State and Local Government, gives students a basic understanding of the various systems of government on the national, state and local levels. Also, they help students compare and contrast the various political and economic systems of government.
    • Current Affairs examines international and national political and social issues.
    • Psychology examines the “why” of people’s actions by various means.
    • Sociology studies the nature, origin and development of society and how man interrelates within that society.

The Department also has a Model UN program for 11th and 12th graders as well as participation in the Voter Registration Program and Citywide Mayor’s Youth Day, Constitution Day and Citizenship Day.

Civic Seal

Students may earn a civic seal by participating in Model UN, Key Club, Honor Society, ROTC, and other service clubs. You can also gain hours for working in the community, such as in the Boy or Girl Scouts, volunteering at the Church, Library, etc. You will need to see the government teachers get an application, which is due prior to senior exams. The minimum hours are 50 (service hours may be accrued from 9th grade to 12th grade.)

Social Studies Department Chair: Ms. Robin Moore
Social Studies Department Faculty
Ms. Ashley Bullock Mr. Mike Burgess
Ms. Amber-Rae Dublin  Ms. Heather Ely
Mr. Chauncey Foreman Ms. Kim Fry
Ms. Teresa Johnston Mr. Karl Kumm
Ms. Robin Moore Mr. Robert Mealy
Mr. Steve Sawyer Mr. Andre Twine