Science Department

Science Department

Scientific literacy has become a necessity for everyone because scientific information is used to make choices every day. Individuals need to engage intelligently in debates about life and world issues and demonstrate scientific literacy in the workplace. Jobs in the twenty-first century will require that workers are able to learn, reason, make decisions, think critically, and solve problems. An understanding of science contributes to these attributes.

The Chesapeake Public Schools’ science program is aligned with the Virginia Science Standards of Learning (SOL) and the objectives and goals of the National Science Education Standards (NSES). 

Science Standards of Learning

Jefferson Lab SOL Practice Questions


Science Department Chair: Dr. Crystal Barco
Science Department Faculty
Dr. Crystal Barco Mr. Brennan Barnhart
Ms. Tiffany Byrum Ms. Amy Myers
Ms. Erica Cottrell Dr. Randy Cromwell
Ms. Sherry Dillingham Ms. Kelly Gower
Ms. Lori Hughes Ms. Maggie Lamay
Ms. Carolyn LaRoche Ms. Amanda Maser
Ms. Vivian Stevenson