Physical Education and Health Department

Physical Education and Health Department

Physical Education

The Deep Creek High School Physical Education program provides a quality, sequential physical education program with instruction in activities that contribute to the physical and emotional program with instruction in activities that contribute to the physical and emotional development of the students. The department encourages all students to pursue a healthy lifestyle and to enjoy recreational activities throughout their lifetimes.

The Physical Education program has the use of excellent facilities including a main gymnasium that seats over 1000 people. The main gym can be divided by a retractable partition to provide two additional teaching stations. The facilities feature a weight-lifting room equipped with Olympic and Nautilus weights. Locker rooms are adequate and separate locker rooms for all varsity athletic teams are provided during the appropriate season. A room equipped for the athletic training needs of varsity athletes is provided. There is adequate office space for physical education teachers and active varsity coaches. Outside facilities include six tennis courts, a football and soccer practice field, a six-lane running track with areas for field events, a baseball field and a softball field.

Health Education

The Health Education curriculum provides a two-year required program which affords many opportunities for relevant learning experiences of health issues. The bi-weekly program provides the basis for equipping students with the skills necessary for life-long learning. Each grade level is divided into two semesters and the curriculum is coordinated among grade-level instructors. The ninth grade phase is supplemented by the Family Life specialists who require a twelve-to-fifteen day block to complete the state mandated program.

Driver’s Education

In accordance with the State Department of Education and Chesapeake Public Schools, the purpose of driver education is to provide students with the knowledge, motivation and insight needed to become responsible members of the highway transportation system. To achieve this objective, the Driver Education program is based on an analysis of the tasks an individual must perform when operating a motor vehicle within the system.

At Deep Creek High School, the course consists of classroom instruction, simulation practices and range and road experiences. In the classroom phase, the student must successfully complete thirty-six hours of instruction in observing laws of the highway, driving defensively, controlling a car within natural laws, maintaining a vehicle and purchasing an automobile.

Gym Uniforms

ALL Freshmen and Sophomores are required to purchase and wear a school gym uniform. 2018-2019 Pricing is as follows:


Shorts: XS: $7.00 S – XL: $8.00 2XL – 4XL: $9.00
Shirts: XS: $4.00 S – XL: $5.00 2XL – 5XL: $6.00

Physical Education Department Chair:
   Mr. Greg Forrest
Physical Education Department Faculty
Mr. Chris Brumm Ms. Lashaun Cook
Mr. Calvin Copeland Mr. Greg Forrest
Ms. Jo Gary Mr. BoManley Lawrence


Athletic Director: Mr. Benny Polk