Music Department


The Music Education program of Deep Creek High School offers instrumental and vocal elective courses.  Percussion, chamber winds(audition only), symphonic band, ninth grade band, ninth grade prep orchestra, concert orchestra and chamber orchestra (audition only) are the instrumental courses offered.  Varsity singers, madrigal singers (audition only) and treble ensemble are offered as vocal ensembles.  A successful audition and/or satisfactory performance in preceding years in each particular program determines placement in these performance based classes.

Advanced music students are also eligible to audition for the Honor’s Music program.  Students interested in the Honor’s Music Program must take a theory test, perform an audition and participate in an interview in the spring prior to their acceptance into the program.  Non-performance classes in music survey and music theory are also offered on a semester basis for one credit each.

The bands, choruses and orchestras perform for the public many times throughout the year in city, district, national and international festivals, as well as fall, winter and spring concerts.  Many of the music students receive individual recognition for district band and chorus and regional orchestra.  Instructors assist and encourage students who demonstrate superior musical abilities to advance and participate in All-Virginia Band, All-Virginia Orchestra and Honors Chorus.

Music Department Chair:  Ms. Debbie Beck
Music Department Faculty
Ms. Debbie Beck
Mr. Mark Rutherford
Mx. Deborah Ramos-Smiley