Exceptional Learners Department

Exceptional Learning Department

The Exceptional Learning Department supports educational programming for students who are eligible for special education under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004 (IDEA ’04).

Exceptional Learning Department Chair:
Mrs. Wendy Waddell
Exceptional Learning Administrator
Mrs. Shanté Asprey


Exceptional Learning Department Faculty
Mr. Sederick Green Ms. Ayonna Gyles
Ms. Alyssa Harrison Ms. Sondra Jeter
Ms. Kristen Key Ms. Brittany Levy
Mr. Sammy Mitchell Ms. Sandy Newell
Ms. Megan Olsen Ms. Tanya Panasky
Ms. McKenzie Rader Ms. Claire Richardson
Ms. Yvonda Robinson Ms. Ebony Shepherd
Ms. Sharon Spellman Mr. Curtis Swain
Ms. Wendy Waddell Mr. Nathan Willey
Mr. Brenda Wyatt Ms. Tyra Young-Ruffin