Art Department

Art Department

Art Department Faculty, From left to right: Ms. Winn-Griffin, Ms. Weston

Left to Right:  Ms. Winn-Griffin, Ms. Weston (Not Pictured – Ms. Stuck)

The Visual Arts program at Deep Creek High School is designed to develop fundamental skills and processes, encourage thinking and foster aesthetic awareness and creative investigation of art forms. Students participate in creating art, using criticism as a means for growth and understanding, and study of artists and cultures of the past and present.  

Teachers visit museums, galleries and exhibits, as well as attend workshops and subscribe to art literature to enhance professional growth and development. In addition, they have exhibited and sold their work. Some staff members have taught courses and classes for gifted students, and are members of local, state, and national organizations.

Art Department Chair:  Ms. Sue Davidson
Art Faculty
Ms. Jennifer Winn-Griffin Ms. Erin Stuck
Ms. Sarah Weston