Aerospace Science (JROTC) Department

Aerospace Science (JROTC) Department

Major Pearmen, Chief Pabon (JROTC)

Left to Right:  Major Darrell Pearman, Chief Rolando Pabon


Aerospace Science commonly referred to as Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFJROTC) is a citizenship, community service and self-discipline building program. Students in JROTC are known as cadets and participate in academic and leadership activities. The curriculum includes a variety of academic and leadership subjects that focus on valuable life skills.

Classroom study in Aerospace Science includes the heritage of flight, development of air power, principles of flight, navigation and the space environment. In Leadership Education cadets learn leadership skills such as organization, group dynamics, communication techniques, honor and ethics along with drill and ceremony procedures.

AFJROTC curriculum supports Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL). Elective credit is awarded for all courses. The Corps of Cadets has an Honor Code and strives to live by it. Cadets participate in a variety of school and community service projects of their own design. Prospective cadets should be willing to participate in these projects. Other cadet activities include field trips to military facilities, historic sites, and higher educational institutions that support JROTC curriculum. Cadets may also participate in summer leadership camps and schools.

Students enrolled in JROTC who have completed at least three years in the program may compete for full ROTC college scholarships and appointment to the service academies.

The purpose of AFJROTC is to produce better and more productive citizens for America. It is NOT a military recruiting program. Students are not required to enter military service.

Prerequisites for all AFJROTC courses:

Cadets are required to wear the AFJROTC uniform at least once per week and maintain a hairstyle, personal appearance, and decorum in accordance with Air Force Standards. Cadets must be US citizens or permanent resident aliens. Foreign exchange students may participate with special permission. Students should be physically fit and of good moral character.


Aerospace Science Department Chair:  Major Darrell Pearman
Aerospace Science Faculty
Major Darrell Pearman Chief Rolando Pabon


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