Meet the Faculty and Staff


Department Teacher  Department Teacher
Preschool Lindsi Root email  
Christina Hubbard email  


Trista Byrd email 1st Grade
Kristi Buschert email
Naiyhani Battle email Jennifer Duyssen email
Taylor Stevens email Cassandra Scrivner email
Rachel Mahler email Tichina Goodman email
Nichole Aston email Hanna Tudor email
Nicole Bright email Emily Grant email
Wanda Boyd email

2nd Grade


Barbara Espinosa email 3rd Grade Katie LeFevre email
Stella Dyke email Ashley Tant email
Karen Sweeney email Devin O’Donnell email
Chloe North email Shannon Johnson email
Steve Pollard email Katherine Hampton email
Kayla Simmons email Terry Smith email
Mandy Blair email Denise Knight email

4th Grade

Sierra Pilkington email 5th Grade Johnny Greene email
Sandra Peters email Tawanda Williams email
Chelsea Nash email Melissa Boyce email
Jessica Dollear email Carrie McClellan email
Lisa Phillips email Gretchen Dougherty email
Joanna Basham email Pamela Taylor-Hagans email
Art Sandra Burdick email  




Teacher Assistants

Stacey Lucas
Nicole McBride email Jill Hailey
Music Elycia Lindsey email Jessica Thomas
Deborah Ramos-Smiley email Shanell Stovall
Guidance DeAnna Willis email Jarelys Cintron
Diane Fisher email Whitney Roberson
Laura Ring email Kristen Schiano
Media Specialist Toni Turcotte  email Maria Hinson
Media Clerk Sharon Stamey  email Cameron Bell

Debra Clark email Tasha Smith
Demetria Walker-Smith email Leontyne Fletcher
Speech Lynne Dickman email Ethel Jones
Maxine McKee
Reading Specialist Latrina Baldwin email Maggie Thomas
ELL Teacher  Jillian McCoy email Megan Murray
ELL Tutor Theresa Yusician email Shauna Berdecio
ELL Tutor Caren League email Delmar Grover
Bookkeeper Heather Boyer email Cassie Jessie
Attendance Jessica Miguel email Christina Zinn
Data Quality Felecia Murphy email Chandra Theodore
Nurse Jennifer Page email Clarisse Naylor
Physical Therapist Heather Cameron  email
OT Jenny Vevoda  email Security Monitor Jackie Miller
Gifted Specialist
TIS Cindy Degnan mail


Custodial Staff

Junior Pennycooke  email
Yvonne Overton Food Service Michelle Gregory email
Herman Revis Katrina Spruill
Michelle Gonzalez Bridget Patterson
Alice Ford
Sharon McKee
Betty Riddick


Student holding a calculator and a pencil surrounded by numbers.