School Counseling

Crestwood Middle School Counseling Department
Mrs. Keisha Stephens Director of School Counseling 6th grade and 7th grade Endeavors team
Ms. Tonya Brothers School Counselor 7th grade Hurricanes team and 8th grade

The School Counselors at Crestwood Middle School look forward to providing a comprehensive school counseling program to all students. Its purpose is to encourage your child to be academically successful during this school year and to be well prepared for the transition into high school at the end of eighth grade.

Academic guidance and counseling assists students and their parents to understand curricular options, plan a program of studies and class schedules, and interpret academic testing. Personal/social counseling helps students to understand themselves, the rights and needs of others, conflict resolution and encourages goal setting.

These services are delivered through meeting with students in several different types of groups. Topics such as curricular choices and schedule planning for the next year are discussed in the classroom setting. If there are individual concerns after the large group discussion, counselors will meet with the student and/or parents to answer questions and make suggestions. Small group counseling allows students to share mutual concerns with their peers. Emphasis is upon problem solving and the development of positive attitudes and effective personal skills. Individual counseling helps students learn more efficiently and effectively, with an emphasis on identifying concerns early before they become overwhelming.

All information you or your child tells the counselor remains confidential with the counselor unless there may be harm to your child or others. You may review materials used by counselors during any school day. Please call your child’s counselor first for an appointment.

We look forward to helping your child SOAR!