CWM Military Families Information

Crestwood Middle School Welcomes our Military Families

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Crestwood Middle School welcomes all military families and extends a heartfelt “Thank You” for your service to our country. We are located in close proximity to the largest naval base on the east coast, as well as several other military establishments. This gives us the unique opportunity to service numerous military students and their families. In order to give specialized attention to our military-affiliated students, Crestwood Middle School has a dedicated organization to assist these students. The Student-2-Student (S2S) organization is a student-led and faculty-advised program whose main goal is to help military students transition from one school and community to another. The organization sponsors various activities each school year for these students, which allows them to get acclimated to their new school and community.

Military Families: Planning Your Arrival to Crestwood Middle School
First, we’d like to say that we are so excited that you will be joining us and can’t wait to meet you! The steps that you will need to take to officially join the Falcon family are as follows:

  • Either bring your records from your previous school or have them faxed directly to our School Counseling Department.
  • Visit the Chesapeake Public Schools Student Enrollment Office at 312 Cedar Road. Prior to your visit, you may wish to give them a call for specific instructions on the documentation needed for registration. You may visit the CPS Student Enrollment webpage for instructions on our new online process for student registration.
  • Call our Guidance Department and schedule an enrollment appointment.
    • Guidance Office Phone: 757-494-7560
    • Guidance Office Fax: 757-494-7599

Upon enrollment, new/military –affiliated students will be greeted by an assigned SCA (Student Council Association) homeroom representative for a guided tour of our school. The SCA rep will also check in with the new student to help make their transition easier. The parent or the student may contact their school counselor for more information.

Military Families: Preparing Your Move from Crestwood Middle School
Prior to your departure, inform your school counselor of your pending leave date. You may request an unofficial copy of your school records to take with you to your next school, which will be sufficient until the official documents arrive. Your new school can simply request that your official records be sent to them.