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The PTA’s mission is to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.  We as the CWI PTA stand by this mission wholeheartedly with all of the fundraisers and activities we put on. Your membership ($5.00) to our school PTA means you are ADVOCATING, INVESTING, and CHAMPIONING for your child and all children at Crestwood; but more importantly, it means you’re PROTECTING your child.  The PTA has provided many resources for the school in the past couple of years, one of which is a teacher and student favorite, BrainPOP. Your membership supports educational interests at the local, state, and national level– make your voice heard. We look forward to a very successful school year, and with your membership, it can be. Please purchase your membership @
Thank you for your support this school year !!
Monique Womack
PTA President
Position Name
President Monique Womack
1st Vice President Amber Bernstein
2nd Vice President
Secretary Lauren Awogu
Treasurer Alicia Palmer
Advocacy Jocelyn Wilson
Falcon of the Month
Honor Roll
Reflections Joy Malbon- Griffin
Book Fair
Membership Brandon Womack
Watch D.O.G.S. Shawn Palmer

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