Chesapeake Virtual Academy

Chesapeake Virtual Academy (CVA) is proud to offer fully online courses to students enrolled in Chesapeake Public Schools (CPS).  Serving students in grades K-12, CVA offers a wide range of core and elective classes, including Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment courses, and provides special education services for students with disabilities, gifted enrichment opportunities, and services for English language learners.  Students have access to full-time online programming in grades K-12 and part-time online opportunities in grades 9-12.

The CVA Experience

Students make a one-year commitment to CVA and are taught by dynamic CPS teachers using the same high quality CPS curriculum used in our brick and mortar schools. CVA students have opportunities for traditional student interactions as they remain connected to their home school and can participate in all sports, clubs, and extracurricular activities. All students also have access to a CVA school counselor and their home school counselor. Most importantly, CVA teachers know the importance of building relationships with students and prioritize the integration of social and emotional learning experiences through morning meetings, small group, and one on one enrichment and remediation sessions. Our students are excelling in the online environment, often due to the flexibility the program offers and personalized learning experiences afforded to students.

Students and parents who wish to learn more about CVA should explore this site and can view a webinar recording from January 10, 2023.  A copy of the slide deck from the webinar is available here.

CVA News

Apply to CVA

Students and families, whether new or returning, must apply to Chesapeake Virtual Academy annually. The application window typically opens in January and closes in March.
The application process provides families with clear expectations of what is required of CVA students, including a year commitment for full-time students, and other information to help students decide if CVA is right for them. Families should understand that submitting an application is not a guarantee of acceptance because seats are limited and course offerings are subject to change based on enrollment and course requests.
The application window for the 2023-2024 academic year is closed.