Instructional Grants

The Chesapeake Public Schools Educational Foundation (CPSEF), Title I Federal Programs, and the Department of Technology have combined resources and created one grant application. Instructional Innovations Grants will award individual, grade level, and school-wide grants up to $1500 to help Chesapeake Public Schools (CPS) teachers of all subjects to develop, plan, implement, and evaluate innovative instructional strategies. All CPS teachers and building administrators are eligible to apply.

2020-2021 Instructional Innovations Grant Application




2019-2020 CPSEF Instructional Grant Winners

Marti Austin $1000.00

Western Branch Primary

Ms. Austin will purchase six Blu-Bots, and docking station, and a work mat.


LaToyia Bailey $1000.00

Chittum  Elementary

Ms. Bailey will purchase Chittum Bear Robotics Kits for each grade level PreK-5.


Tanya Breathwaite $550.00

Great Bridge High

Ms. Breathwaite will purchase Breakout EDU boxes to review content, practice skills, and build teamwork.


Colleen Briggs $993.00

Butts Road Primary

Ms. Briggs will create a MakerSpace for students to explore learning through technology, art, and engineering.


Colin Jones $750.00

Truitt Intermediate School

Mr. Jones will purchase Blu-Bots to integrate coding into classrooms.



Maureen Dellerba $870.00

Western Branch Middle

Ms. Dellerba will purchase and gain access to multiple diversity, functional, sensory items in the classroom to assist autistic students in reaching their Aligned Standards of Learning objectives.

Franklin Williams $940.42

Hugo Owens Middle School

Mr. Williams will purchase new equipment for the Photojournalism Club.


Janelle Fellone and John Osterhout $1000.00

Hugo Owens Middle

Ms. Fellone and Mr. Osterhout will create a makerspace for students to use for creation of STEAM-related items.

Kimberly Hammers $1000.00

Grassfield High School

Ms. Hammers will purchase various games for the classroom to provide unique and multiple exposer to the US Government.

Gillian Hardy $956.00

Hickory Elementary School

Ms. Hardy will create a MakerSpace for students to explore learning through technology, art, and engineering.

Christina Henry $900.00

Indian River High School

Ms. Henry will use funds to enable the media center to help faculty and staff add diversity to their lesson plans.


Joy Julian $750.00

Great Bridge High School

Ms. Julian will purchase replacement copies of popular classic novels.


Audrie Lofay $936.78

Southwestern Elementary School

Ms. Lofay will purchase snap circuit kits and K’nex STEM kits for classrooms to bolster hands-on science learning programs.

Vicki Mayfield $1000.00

Oscar Smith Middle School

Ms. Mayfield will conduct a One School, One Book program utilizing a high interest book.


Molly McCraw and Michael Middleton $1000.00

Hickory High School

Ms. McCraw and Mr. Middleton will purchase two slab rollers and plywood slates to assist in creating a higher quality of hand-built ceramics work.

Monica Pease $851.09

Deep Creek Middle School

Ms. Pease will purchase the TEAM toolkit for EL support that ranges from grades 5-8.

Heather Sammis $994.26

Thurgood Marshall Elementary

Ms. Sammis will implement Morning Choice, a box of creative morning activities, team building, and exploratory learning.

Holly Sawyer $1000.00

Oscar Smith High School

Ms. Sawyer’s ESL students will make first hand connections about VA/US history by taking a trip to Jamestown.

Elise Schaubert $900.00

Western Branch Primary

Ms. Schaubert will use funds to address individualized needs in 2-5 year old special education preschool class.

Margaret Senter $1000.00

Deep Creek Central Elementary

Ms. Senter will purchase 16 Fire Tablets and protective cases for her third-grade gifted education classroom.

Jonita Shabaazz $1000.00

Southwestern Elementary School

Ms. Shabaazz will purchase Rime Magic Kits for first and second-grade classrooms.

Patricia Stevens $998.90

Chesapeake Center for Student Success

Ms. Stevens will purchase computer speakers and headphones to assist with auditory clarity and minimize distractions.

Gordan Strong $399.00

Grassfield High School

Col. Strong will purchase a controller to pair with an iPad Mini to operate a drone for the JROTC class.

Michele Waggoner $1000.00

Western Branch Middle School

Ms. Waggoner will conduct a Bruin Book Battle to encourage students to read quality literature and enhance their love of reading.