Emergency Preparedness


  • A concrete block structure located outside of the storm surge area.
  • Used for protecting residents who reside in a vulnerable area/structure.
  • Not a hospital, nursing home, or hotel. Does not support electrical medical equipment.
  • Does not guarantee electrical power.

Call 757-382-6504 for the list of emergency shelters.

WHAT TO DO (Not a comprehensive list):

In the event of a disaster, city officials will determine which shelter(s) to open. Listen to WCTB Channel 48, WFOX 88.7 FM, or local TV and radio stations for shelter(s) in use. Do not go to a shelter unless told to do so. Call 382-6464 for updated information. Realize that shelter locations may change from time to time.

WHAT TO BRING (Not a comprehensive list):
  • All Medications
  • Identification
  • ID Cards
  • DMV License
  • Medical Insurance Card
  • Pillows/Blankets/Sleeping Bags
  • Toiletry Items
  • Change of Clothes
  • Important Papers (Driver’s License, insurance policies, etc.)
  • Foods/Snacks/Water
  • Flashlight
  • Contact Phone Numbers
  • Battery Powered Radio
  • Quiet entertainment items to pass the time (i.e., books, board games, cards, etc.)
  • Special items for infants (formula, diapers, etc.), elderly or disabled family members



  • Register all family members upon arrival at the shelter.
  • All registration information is confidential.
  • Sign-out when leaving the shelter, giving your specific destination plans and/or plans to return to the shelter


  • Treat everyone with respect.
  • No disorderly conduct allowed.
  • Everyone is responsible for his or her own belongings. It is suggested that valuables be locked in your car.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the building.
  • Prohibited items:
  • Alcohol
  • Illegal substances
  • Any type of weapon
  • Animals are not allowed *

*Exception: Registered service animals

  • American Red Cross
  • Chesapeake Integrated Behavioral Healthcare
  • Chesapeake Emergency Management Office
  • Chesapeake Fie Department
  • Chesapeake Public Health Department
  • Chesapeake Public Schools
  • Chesapeake Office of Human Services
  • Other Private Stakeholders