CodeVA Selects Truitt & Camelot for the CS Ready Schools Program

We are excited to share the great news that Chesapeake Public Schools will work with CodeVA to establish a Computer Science (CS) Ready culture as a strong foundation for CS education in Chesapeake Public Schools.

Richmond, VA: CodeVA has selected Camelot Elementary and Truitt Intermediate to participate in the CS Ready Schools Program, made possible by Amazon Future Engineer and as a part of Virginia’s CSforVA initiative, a partnership between CodeVA and the Virginia Department of Education. The CS Ready Schools program will work with Camelot Elementary and Truitt Intermediate to create a foundation for computer science education and engagement in the school.CodeVA logo

CodeVA’s CS Ready Schools program partners with a select group of 19 schools representing all regions of Virginia during the pilot year of this program, with a plan to scale in years two and three. The purpose of the program is to foster a collaborative model in schools – and ultimately school divisions – that supports and sustains a computer science education ecosystem. CodeVA will work over the pilot year with Camelot Elementary and Truitt Intermediate to create the foundation of this sustainable ecosystem, assisting in setting measurable and attainable goals for the school’s leadership, faculty and families. Schools successfully completing the program by achieving its benchmarks, the school will achieve designation as a Virginia Computer Science-Ready School.

“I am extremely pleased that Camelot Elementary and Truitt Intermediate have been selected for the Amazon Future Engineer and CodeVA’s CS Ready Schools pilot program. This is an exciting opportunity for our teachers as they work to prepare our students for the next generation of careers in computer science. I cannot stress the importance of computer science literacy for our students and will eagerly await the results of this tremendous program. There is no doubt that it will have a lasting impact on the students and communities served by these schools,” said Dr. Jared Cotton, Superintendent of Chesapeake Public Schools.

CodeVA will provide support and guidance to Camelot Elementary and Truitt Intermediate to identify an impact team of key leaders in the school and community, to use these teams to develop a strategic plan, and to work to establish a computer science ready culture as a strong foundation for CS education. Central to the process will be teachers participating in training programs for teachers and administrators provided by CodeVA. These programs are free to all school divisions statewide, and are partly state funded in support of the state’s mandate law requiring computer science literacy for all Virginia students.

“The Computer Science-Ready School initiative is an important tool for measuring division, school and teacher readiness to support computer science literacy for all Virginia children,” said Chris Dovi, CodeVA’s executive director. “Virginia’s computer science education mandate remains a challenge for nearly all schools in Virginia – and especially for Title I and economically disadvantaged schools. What often lacks, in addition to resources, is something as simple as a working definition of computer science education among a school’s leadership team. Awareness is a first objective, followed by helping the school’s leadership formulate an intentional and goals-oriented plan to support teacher professional development, to offer classes, to incorporate enrichment programs, and to engage parents and community members, too.”

While many of the program’s tools are not new – CodeVA has provided teacher professional development at no cost to public school divisions for the past seven years – this comprehensive approach is unique, and is made possible through the funding support of Amazon Future Engineer. The pilot also will develop new tools and curricular resources as needed to support the initiative, which then has as its goal scaling to all schools and divisions in Virginia.

“Amazon Future Engineer is excited to power the Computer Science Ready Schools program alongside CodeVA for these 19 schools across Virginia, our new home,” said Ardine Williams, Vice President of Workforce Development, HQ2 at Amazon. “We know this is just the start of our partnership with CodeVA and we’re excited, especially amidst this trying time, to help make sure teachers have the resources they need to best prepare the next generation of big thinkers and creative innovators.”

The complete list of Virginia schools that will take part in the CS Ready Program are as follows:

○ STEM Academy, Pittsylvania County.
○ Leesylvania Elementary School, Prince William County.
○ Swans Creek Elementary, Prince William County.
○ Braddock Elementary School, Fairfax County.
○ Sterling Middle School, Loudoun County.
○ Sterling Elementary School, Loudoun County.
○ Booker T Elementary School, Suffolk City.
○ Elephant’s Fork Elementary School, Suffolk City.
○ Oakland Elementary School, Suffolk City.
○ John F. Kennedy Middle School, Suffolk City.
○ King’s Fork High School, Suffolk City.
○ Camelot Elementary School, Chesapeake City.
○ Truitt Intermediate, Chesapeake City.
○ VA Middle, Bristol City.
○ VA High Bristol City.
○ J.W. Adams Elementary, Wise County.
○ St. Paul Elementary, Wise County.
○ Dungannon Intermediate, Scott County.
○ Berkeley Middle School, James City.