Citizens’ Advisory Committees

Chesapeake Public Schools convenes multiple Citizens’ Advisory Committees to focus on data, analyze problems, and make recommendations to the Superintendent and School Board. Each Citizens’ Advisory Committee submits an annual report to the School Board, normally in June of each year, regarding the work of the committee and may submit interim reports when requested or deemed appropriate by the chair of the committee.

Current Citizens’ Advisory Committees

Chesapeake Public Schools currently offers opportunities for community engagement in the following advisory committees:

Who can Serve on a Citizens’ Advisory Committee?

Citizens interested in serving on one of our advisory committees must meet the criteria outlined in School Board regulations. Participation is contingent upon selection by each committee. Selection criteria are based on requirements by state or federal guidelines and the work of the committee.

Applying to a Citizens’ Advisory Committee

(fully outlined in School Board regulation 5-18.B.)

Individuals who wish to serve on a Citizens’ Advisory Committee will apply online according to policy outlined by the School Board. To ensure that qualified citizen members are recruited, appointed to, and retained on Citizens’ Advisory Committees, the district will ensure that timely public notice is made to the community to promote applications for membership on Citizens’ Advisory Committees.

By March 1st of each year, Citizens’ Advisory Committees will provide the Superintendent or designee with a list of membership positions that will expire on June 30th of that year. Applications for appointment to Citizens’ Advisory Committee positions that will begin on July 1st must be received by the Superintendent or designee no later than May 1st (or the next weekday if May 1 falls on a weekend) of that year. 

Membership Terms of Service

All terms of appointment to Citizens’ Advisory Committees will begin on July 1st of the first year of appointment and end on June 30th of the final year of appointment. The length of the term of service will be determined by the reason for creation of the committee, the nature of the committee’s work, or as otherwise set forth by the School Board in a policy, regulation, or applicable law, or in the absence thereof, by School Board designation. Citizen members appointed to Citizens’ Advisory Committees will serve the term of their appointments unless removed by majority vote of the School Board or resignation by the citizen member. Committee members shall have no legal rights to their appointed positions and may be removed from membership for failure to perform duties, failure to maintain requirements for appointment to the committee, and other good and just cause as determined by the School Board.