Physical Health

The Benefits of Fruit

photo of watermelon and cantaloupeThis time of year, several fruits are in season. Among those are watermelons and cantaloupes. It is suggested that both may improve heart health as they contain many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Since watermelon is 92% water, one’s hydration is increased as well.

For someone concerned with weight issues,watermelon is one of the fruits that is lowest in calories. Fiber and water are components of healthy digestion and watermelon contains both. Cantaloupe helps keep your skin healthy. It also satiates the appetite and controls hunger. Another advantage of eating both of these fruits, is that neither has to be washed and doesn’t require any preparation beyond cutting them prior to eating.

Reading is Good for Body and Mind

man reading a bookMany of us are entertained daily by watching various things on television. Reading a good book doesn’t occur to a lot of people as something to enjoy. There are numerous benefits of reading. It reduces stress, aids in sleep readiness, and has been proven to lower one’s blood pressure and heart rate.

Other people in our lives may benefit from our taking the time for a good read as well. It is suggested that reading empowers one to empathize with other people. Reading has also been noted to assist with fighting depression symptoms. Give it a try and perhaps you will reap the benefits of doing so.

The Hidden Cost of Coffee Drinks

coffee cup spilled with coffee beansYou may want to think twice about your daily stop at your favorite coffee drive-thru. A medium (grande) sized mocha coffee is 290 calories. To work this off you would have to walk for 53 minutes or bike for 28 minutes.

Want to add a blueberry muffin to that order? Add an additional 265 calories, which will add another 48 minutes or walking or 25 minutes of biking to your workout. Might be best to treat yourself once a week rather than make it a daily routine.

Foods that Boost the Immune System

Close up photo of dark chocolateTypically one’s diet consists largely of what foods a person desires. The majority of these items contains some nutrients. However, there are many foods that not only nourish our bodies, but are capable of boosting our immune system as well.

These include: fruits and leafy green vegetables, dry and canned beans and fish, such as salmon. Certain foods, such as chocolate contains flavonoids that can actually elevate your mood and is a flavorful source of quick energy. Try some today!


Photo of pizzaWho doesn’t love pizza? Not many people can say they don’t, but it’s very dense in calories so you need to do a lot of exercising to burn off the calories from pizza. The average slice of pizza contains roughly 207 calories. In order to burn off those calories you would need to play a running game of basketball (think full court 5 versus 5) for approximately 26 minutes (let’s just call it 30 minutes).

Basketball not your game? No problem, instead you could go on a relaxed walk for one hour or a relaxed bike ride for 52 minutes.. Remember, these numbers are for just ONE slice!

Good Sleep Habits

Dog sleeping under blanketGetting adequate sleep is a necessary component of being in good health. It has been suggested that the immune system is affected by it or lack thereof. To increase your chances of getting a good night’s sleep, attempt to do something that is relaxing to you before retiring for the night. Turning off all of one’s devices and removing them from the bedroom should help immensely. Studies have suggested that drinking chamomile tea or warm milk may assist with sleeping as well.

Avoid: eating close to bedtime, watching disturbing things on television, and exercising within hours of shutting things down for the night. SWEET DREAMS..zzzzzzzzz!

Managing Stress

street sign that says "stress success"Stress can be an enemy of our health. Some situations, such as this pandemic, are something that none of us have control over. We do, however, have some control over how we allow ourselves to respond to it. It would be wise for each of us to make it a priority each day to get adequate sleep, eat healthy foods, and verbalize our feelings to someone or write them down.

Last, but not least, focus on the blessings and the many positive things that exist in our lives. As we are mindful of these things, it is possible that many of those uncontrollable stressors may pale in comparison to what we do possess. Let us all make it a point to have a heart of gratitude daily.


picture of Snickers bar cut in halfSnickers are portrayed in their ads to make anyone satisfied who may be “hangry.”  That is angry because they are hungry.  While this may be the case, just know that every regular sized Snickers bar you eat, you consume 250 calories.

You can burn about 1 calorie for every push up you do, so you would have to do 250 push ups to burn off the calories you consumed from one Snickers bar!  Maybe a banana or an apple would be better!!