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Holiday Food Drive

A special thank you to Karen Giroud and Marcia Bentley for coordinating this year’s Holiday Food Drive.  The contributions from people from all over the division are making four of our families extremely blessed this holiday season.  Thank you for exhibiting GREATNESS each and every day!  Division of Technology Innovation is partnering with Chesapeake Center for Student Success Holiday Food Drive

Sharks Continue to Strive for Greatness!

Chalkboard that reads "Test"Our high school students recently took the W!se Financial Literacy Exam.   Student test results demonstrated proficiency in personal finance as they achieved a passing score on this nationally standardized Financial Literacy Certification Test.  All of our students passed, hence CCSS 100 % pass rate continues.  This is one way we show GREATNESS SHARKS!  Special thanks to our own Mr. D. Thaw for a job well done!

December/January Newsletter

At CCSS, we strive to keep you informed of everything happening day to day in your students’ classes.  Stay up-to-date with all things happening at CCSS by checking out our newsletter!  newsletter

Mindful Moments

mindful brainmind·ful·ness



a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.

The CCSS Health and Wellness Committee is committed to making sure our students and staff practice mindfulness.  During the month of November and December they will be recognizing those that intentionally practice mindfulness.  They also are providing ideas and guiding after school yoga sessions!

Our Halls are GLOWing

Thank you to the women of CRC and the GLOW Conference for donating their time to paint our hall.  CCSS looks GREAT!!!  Special thank you to Tina Manley, Sade Cole, and Misha Turner.

Glow project painting

Team Building Event

Thank you to the GREATEST staff and students in the world.  We had an awesome time with our Family Feud event.  This cross-curricular activity was a blast.  Thank you Mr. Watkins for all of your hard work.  Both students and staff had a great day!

Chesapeake General Hospital’s Annual Bra-ha-ha

Inspired by Washed Ashore, the trash to art display at the Botanical Gardens, CCSS decided to collect trash and recyclables from around the campus and construct a bra-owl with a resemblance to Woodsy the Owl, but made entirely of litter and discarded materials. The staff and students learned how to crochet with strips of plastic bags (plarn), which was the most challenging part.  Our CCSS team provided handiwork, ideas, and/or materials to collaborate on our feminine Woodsy, adding special touches like a flapper skirt (in honor of the Roaring 20’s theme) and even a button in her hat to press and hear her hoot!


Unity Tree

Unity Tree


Students and staff came together and assembled our Unity Tree.  It symbolizes that bullying can be prevented when we all come together- united for kindness, acceptance and inclusion.

This was a very meaningful activity for our school as a whole. Our students were very involved in the process and our leaves have so many encouraging and thought provoking messages.

Meal Distribution Update

foodMeals continue to be provided at no cost for all students this year. We still highly encourage all eligible families to complete the free and reduced meal application that provides a variety of benefits for students. More information is available here. Curbside pickup of meals for our remote learners will take place at all seven high schools on Tuesdays 3:30-5:30 p.m.  Five sets of meals (breakfast and lunch) will be provided at no cost to families.  You are encouraged to order meals the week prior to pick up so the staff can be sure to prepare the correct number of meals.  That ordering can be done on the School Nutrition Services website.

Quick Tip: Report a Concern

Quick Tip Quick Tip is a support system that allows students to communicate with school administrators anonymously. While the district already has many programs to help students deal with challenges such as bullying behaviors, stress, peer pressure, and family problems, Quick Tip helps break the code of silence often experienced by students because it allows them to report concerns to administrators anonymously.

Submit a Tip:
Bullying Behavior
School Threat
Weapons and Drugs

A Quick Tip mobile app is also available for download on IOS and Android devices. On the first use, enter the Location Code: Chesapeake.

Tip Line