Dental Assistant

Student cleaning teeth“Bivins Orthodontics had students from the Dental Assisting program at the Chesapeake Career Center intern and they were very professional. We love being a partner in educating future students for a career in the dental industry.”

Program Name: Dental Assistant I and II

Program Details:
2 Year Program
8 credits

Dual Enrollment:

Core Skills:
Anatomy and physiology
Tooth morphology
Oral histology and pathology
Preventive dentistry
Radiation health and safety (x-rays)
Dental procedures (operative techniques, lab skills, coronal polishing, etc)

Credential Opportunities:
DANB Radiation Health and Safety
Workplace Readiness

Related Jobs:
Dental Hygienist
Dental Laboratory Assistant
Orthodontic Assistant
Pediatric Dentistry

Median Annual Income:

Growth Rate:

Business Partners:
Konikoff Dentistry
Chesapeake Care Clinic
Bivins Orthodontics