Stay Healthy

Parents & Guardians – Help us keep ouGerms are all around you. Stay healthy. Wash your hands. picture of germs on hands and other surfacesr students and staff healthy!

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Everyone should wear a mask.
  2. Remind your child to wash his/her hands often.
  3. Even with a mask on, your child should sneeze & cough into their elbow.
  4. Remind your child to keep his/her hands away from their eyes, nose & mouth.
  5. Run your child’s favorite sweatshirt or jacket through the washer.
  6. Wipe down/clean surfaces in your home. (use this poster as a guide to see what to sanitize)
  7. If your child is running a fever or feeling ill, please keep them home and contact the nurse.

Thank you for your help!