New Student Info

Welcome to BRI!

We are so excited to have you join us, and I wanted to get you up-to-speed with logins and navigating Schoology.  I’m linking 5 documents for you to review.  First, here is a welcome video from your principal, Mr. Foltz:–toj1b0g 

Step 1:  School Info Sheet – This clickable file provides contact information for our school & important links.  Please contact the main office (757-482-4566) if you need to borrow a CPS Chromebook.  We are a 1-to-1 district, so there is a Chromebook available for each CPS student to use.

New Enrollments:  Keep in mind that new enrollments can take 2-3 days before Schoology accounts are set up downtown.  In the meantime, you’ll need to email your child’s teacher to get the Zoom / Google Meet link and the daily schedule.

Step 2:  Logging In – (Complete this step AFTER all online accounts are active)  Please click to open this file and watch the video link at the top FIRST.  The steps are also written out with screenshots here, should you need further clarification.  The video will be the most comprehensive way of making sure you follow ALL steps from beginning to end. 

  • Warning if multiple Google Account users share a device – in some cases you may have multiple tabs open by different accounts, and the OneLogin attached to your child’s k12cpschools account will likely not cooperate.   While we cannot advise on the specifics for each personally-owned device, most computers allow user accounts to be created in Google Chrome, should you be interested in doing this (the video includes instructions for this).  Isolating each Google Account into a separate user on your computer COULD be the fix to login problems.  If you’re using a Chromebook, then this is not an issue, as each user logs in separately to the Chromebook.
  • CPS Bookmarks:  Once you are able to get your child logged into a Chrome browser, you’ll see a drop down menu visible on the left of the Bookmarks Bar near the top of the page, titled “CPS Bookmarks”.  If you click on that, you’ll be able to navigate to any of these CPS sites (Schoology, StudentVUE, etc).  The StudentVUE login is the same as their Network Login and OneLogin:  student number for username and birthday password (Ex: 04jan12).  
  • Where your child will find their Meet / Zoom Link & Schedule:  Your child will need to navigate to Schoology via the CPS Bookmarks tab, click on Courses in the black banner at the top, Select the HR/Attendance Course for their teacher, and find the slide that shows the Meet Link & Schedule for the day.  They will click on the laptop image on that slide to start their virtual meeting at 8:15 each day.  

Step 3:  Connecting the Google Drive Resource App for your student on Schoology.  Follow the instructions in this document once your student is logged into Schoology.  

Step 4:  Add your child’s resource courses to their Schoology page.  This will allow you to add PE, Art, Music, Guidance, and Library courses to your child’s Schoology account. Be sure to click on the document link right above  to see steps.  You’ll need to contact your child’s teacher to get the access codes for each resource class listed below.

PE Access Code Guidance Access Code Music Access Code Art Access Code Library Access Code

Step 5:  Parent Schoology Account Information – I will send you the Parent Access Code for Schoology separately.  Parents – please try to use a separate device from your student, if possible.  It’s easy to mix up the Schoology Logins and there are some features not on the Parent end (such as editing assignment files, Resource Tab) that your student will need.  If you are sharing devices, please double check you are NOT signed in as the parent when your child is trying to do their work in Schoology.  The Parent access allows you to see what your child has been assigned and allows you to supervise.  While some grades for Schoology Assignments will be visible in Schoology, your primary reference point for any grades should be in Synergy / ParentVUE.