Login Assistance for Students on CPS Chromebooks

CPS Student Login Instruction on CPS Issued Chromebook 


Login Instructions

    • Open up your Chromebook and wait for it to power on. 
    • You should see the screen to the right. 
  • Click the Next button located in the bottom right of the screen. 

If you do not see this screen pictured above, please make sure the device is connected to wireless and reboot the device. The steps are similar on personal devices as well.  


On the login screen 

  • Type in your student ID number in the Username field. 
  • Click Continue
  • A new window will open.  Type the default password in the Password field. 
    • For all students the default password first name initial last name initial + last 4 digits of student ID number (i.e gb1234)
  • Click Continue
  • Grades 3-12 will be prompted to change their passwords. Passwords must be a minimum of 6 characters. See the password reset steps below.  


OneLogIn Password Reset for Students in Grades 3-12


Grade 3-12 students who are logging into OneLogIn for the first time or any time after their passwords are reset, will see the screen below.  

  • They will see that their passwords have expired
  • This is so the student creates a password that is different from the initial default password. 
  • The password must be 6 characters. Students need to continue and use the steps below: 
  • The Current Password (the default password) is first name initial last name initial + last 4 of student ID number (i.e. gb1234).
  • The New Password is where the student will enter the password they would like to use. 
  • Click Submit when all of the check marks turn green.