Hawk Academy Information & Schedule

Update 1/18/22:  Afternoon sessions will now dismiss on the BUS RAMP.  Please pull around bus ramp and remain in your car, with the yellow parent-pick tag showing in the side window.  Please call the office (482-4566) if you need a tag sent home with your child.  See this diagram for map details on where to pick up your child.

BRI will offer Hawk Academy, provided by BRI teachers, through a mixture of morning and afternoon sessions designed to offer additional instruction and practice in predetermined areas of academic focus. Hawk Academy is an opportunity for students to receive additional support in targeted areas of reading and math. Through teacher nominations and open RSVP registration, students are offered the opportunity to personalize their learning experience. Hawk Academy also provides students an opportunity to demonstrate our S.O.A.R. principles, by taking ownership of their educational experience and practicing positive attitudes towards learning.

Here are some important things to understand about our new program:

  • Each session is designed with a specific focus. Students who participate will receive direct instruction and guided practice.
  • A completed RSVP must be received at least 24 hours prior to morning sessions and by 9:00am the day of for afternoon sessions in order for a student to participate.
  • Snacks will be provided.
  • Students must be dropped off / picked up on time in order to participate.
  • Students will be provided with learning materials, including access to devices (if needed), during each session.
  • All safety protocols, including mask mandates, will be in effect.
  • There is a limit of 12 students per session date.

Parents:  Please RSVP using the Google Form link next to each session type to view the available slots, as well as target skills for each session. 

Teacher Grade Content Schedule RSVP Link
Amy Walker 3 Reading T/W 7:05-7:45am  ***Drop Off at 7:00 Grade 3 Reading RSVP
Julie Bottum 3 Math W 3:15-3:45pm and 5:00-5:45pm Grade 3 Math RSVP
Andreana Malkin 4 Reading T/W 3:15-3:45pm Grade 4 Reading RSVP
Amy Sawyer 4 Math W/TH 3:15-3:45pm Grade 4 Math RSVP
Cindy Repass 5 Reading T/TH 7:05-7:45am  ***Drop Off at 7:00 Grade 5 Reading (Repass) RSVP
Christy Lucas 5 Reading W/TH 3:15-3:45pm Grade 5 Reading (Lucas) RSVP
Andre’ Sparks 5 Math W/TH 3:15-3:45pm Grade 5 Math (Sparks) RSVP
Debbie Keel 5 Math T/TH 7:05-7:45am  ***Drop Off at 7:00 Grade 5 Math (Keel) RSVP