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School supplies: crayons, glue, backpack, ruler, tape, clipboard

School Supplies

BYOD-Bring Your Own Device

Bring Your Own Device

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Bus Routes

Internet Safety for Children

Internet Safety

Order your yearbook today Butts Road Intermediate 2017-2018 Yearbook

Yearbooks are $20.00 and may only be ordered online at ybpay.lifetouch.com. The Yearbook ID Code for BRI is 11903918. Please do not send payment to school.

DEADLINE: March 30, 2018
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 Glee Salladay, Teacher of the Year  Snady Boross-Reading Teacher of the Year
2017-2018 Teacher of the Year: Glee Salladay 2017-2018 Reading Teacher of the Year:  Sandy Boross